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Microsoft: Teaching Old Trick with New Dog

Ok. Great! Microsoft is doing old school business. What I mean is, " have you seen the Windows 7 pricing?"

Here is the rub. Starting last Friday (June 26,) Microsoft has released some insanely cheap pre-order pricing. If you pre-order, i.e., commit to buying Windows 7 before it is on shelves, or been tried by the masses.

Windows 7 Retail Upgrade Retail Full

Pre-order Upgrade
(until July 11)

Home Premium $119 $199 $49
Professional $199 $299 $99
Ultimate $219 $319  


Read all about this at: Windows 7 Won't Save Falling PC Sales, and at: Windows 7 pre-order a hit--on Amazon

The pre-order program appears to only be for upgrades, and only runs until July 11. Windows 7 will be in stores on shelves at the end of October.

Here is my problem:
I do believe the 'hype.' I do believe that Windows 7 will fix all the complaints and problems of Windows Vista. I do believe that it is the Windows OS that we should have gotten instead of Vista. All the tech journals I respect have said only the best of things about Windows 7. And...this pre-order pricing is very enticing...mostly because of the outrage pricing that Micro$oft has guaranteed for Windows 7 at release in October, but shame on you Micro$oft for charging so much to fix my Vista problem. Apple has a new OS that has just rolled out, and even though Macintosh user consider it more an evolution (then revolution) i.e., it's a service pack, more then an new OS, it's $29.00. Most of use are looking at Windows 7 as nothing more then another service pack for Windows Vista, but it's priced way out of the park! Shame on you Micro$oft. I am still a Linux fanboy.


Good bye Steve.

Steve would not want me to be sad, but I am. Steve would not want me to put my plans on hold, but I have. Steve would not want his death to be a big deal, but it is. However, Steve would understand. I love you Steve your friend always, Scott

Steve & Virgina introduced me to Mexico 13 years ago. They introduced me to Yuya (my wife of 10 years.)
Steve is more then a best friend. He is our family, our mentor, and our teacher.
He has taken the roll of my grandfather because I now have none. He has been my councilor when I've been confused, and my pathfinder when I've been lost.
Though, our community will continue to be an amazing place of interesting people from all across the world, we have lost an important piece of what makes San Carlos so special. We have lost an important piece of what makes our lives so special...and
We can't stop crying for our loss.
We love you Steve.
We love you Virgina.
You are in our hearts. You make us good people. The people we have become wouldn't exist without you, and we are not alone. You have touched more lives then we any of us can imagine, and you've made the world a better place.

We will miss you...
The Stimson Marquez Family
Scott, Yuya, Emily and Viviana

Podcasts: Hi. Most who know me know that I enjoy a number of podcasts that you can listen while you are online, or download to listen later using a podcatcher like iTunes. I wanted to mention a Podcast for news that I have been listening to for over a year and I feel it's a great resource. It's SDR News by Andrew McCaskey and you can find it at: Andrew does a great job of summing up the news as found on the internet. If you don't download podcasts, then you should at the very least check out the website and listen to an episode. The are short, and easy to listen to, and very informative.

NEWS about the LUG (linux user group): Many people from the computer club are interested in starting the first linux user group of San Carlos. We will be starting with the uBuntu 8.10 Desktop distribution [found here.] We haven't pick a place or a meeting time yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. To get started with linux I have a couple suggestions.

1. Listen to some Podcasts: listening to talk radio style programs has always helped me to gain easy insights into new topics. You can listen to these podcasts at their websites, or subscribe to them using iTunes, PodcastReady, or whatever favorite podcast program you are using (or going to use.):

  • - Larry Bushey and Tom Chaudoir do a great job of making linux easy for everyone. They cover topics everyone wants to know and make it easy to understand.

  • - After 100 episode Chess Griffin sadly had to end his linux advise and teaching podcast. Still it's a great reference and a big recommendation from many in the linux comunity.

2. Search Youtube is great resource for video 'How to...' instructions. Whenever I want to see, how something is done I check youtube for a video. To get started just do a search for ubuntu (for example: see these results for ubuntu.)

I will add more suggestions here at a later date.


Scott's Equipment

I though it might be interesting to share with people  the equipment I use daily in my business and personal Life. So here is a list of Scott's Current Equipment!!:

I will be adding links to each of the items above to include (and update) descriptions, suggestions, problems & solutions, etc.

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